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As a Muslim, I feel shame as a European Iam concerned, and as a German, I am proud

In our modern advanced world, just world, is the human being and dignity of the human being without value. Disasters rushing on the Social west, amounts of refugeesthat protection against war and misery looking, mind war where often the West (USA & Co.) has started.

But the modern Western world is for human rights and a Christian society, Alleluia as the greatest power on earth, that United States has agreed to take 10,000 Syrians refugees, the question remains which is per city or per State ??? oh, it is for the entire United States.

But no shame „World Police USA“, their funders protected dictatorships, take not a single asylum seekers, Saudi Arabia and that rest of the Gulf States are helping to none as very rich, They are just horny Assad to drop it to Iran and the Shiites to weaknesses

I am ashamed as a Muslim for such so-called rich Islamic states, such as Qatar the dwarfs state, with their Al-Jazeera lying TV that launched spliting in the Arab nations. But thank God that there are small Arab Islamic countries, They are poor but have taken more than four million Syrians.1625487_1616857591916297_752518772863966522_n

I thank God that there is a Christian pope, who called on all Catholic communities in Europe to take an affected family. As a „concrete gestures“ to prepare for the coming Holy Year should „every parish, every religious community, every monastery“ in Europe accommodate a family, said the head of the Catholic Church

The help call was not limited to the Christians, who as planned by that new East European countries (Poland, Slovakia)

Estonia has granted asylum whole 10 people. Hungary imprisons the refugees, and explain it to a German problem. According to the Sunday Times the UK is going to accept 15,000 Syrian refugees, it is little but a beginning.

Greece and Italy are overburdened by the amount of refugee that land on their beaches. All European countries have together not even taken one third of the refugees such as Germany and Sweden, and they are against a Distribution of refugees to the EU. I worry as European where these national selfishness will lead us, certain is, the breach of trust is caused.

I feel proud to be a German, as Chancellor Merkel has set in her decision humanity as the goal, and has thus proved a strength, She has added-esteem a new among the German people, and called for the helpfulness


A call of help to the human beings in the European policy

At the beginning I ask you readers to participate in this call for help in the To do this, add a Short Comment, otherwise the European Gerechigkeit and humanity is in danger !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if we humans do not defend ourselves against, for human dignity

I got this link

unfortunately it is in Spanish, in short form this article says that the Lord Orban the Army from 15.09 at the border is stationed, and everyone who enters the border to Hungary without permission, threatened a prison sentence of 3 years, who is armed or who tries to damage the fence threatens imprisonment 5 years

Even now be asylum-seekers, as held prisoners.

As a German, European, and is more important than a human being; I urge the federal government Frau Merkel and the German people, the EU Parliament and politicians and all Europeans, and the various organizations, as a project one dictator Dreamy by Mr. Orban in Europe to stop.

It is not possible that this new EU member only from the pot of money cashed, since Hungarn entering 2004 and today he thinks arbitrarily unworthy with his racist human beings policy, Europe perform in ruin

Orban is with his plans achieve nothing more damage, except hatred and misery and more for Greece than for the refugees

90% of the refugees are forced to flee, They would prefer to stay in their country, and to those refugees to stop waves, we have the following in Europe do

  • Exit the support of opponents of the government groups in other countries
  • To prevent robbery and exploitation by rich countries Partner dictators10517550_10205332886136744_8802491739172276162_n

  • No arms sales to groups

  • No war fighting or attacks justice under the name Terror

  • Do not continue the hated United States to follow unjust policies

  • Introduction of division and hatred politics in foreign countries to stop

Ein Hilfe Ruf an die Menschen in der Europäische Politik

Am anfang bitte ich Sie Leser, sich an diesen Hilferuf zu beteiligen in dem Sie ein Kurzen Komentar dazufügen, ansonst ist die Europäische Gerechigkeit und Menschlichkeit in Gefahr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!falls wir Menschen uns dagegen nicht wehren, für die Menschen Würde

Ich habe diesen Link

bekommen, leider ist er in Spanisch, in kurz form sagt dieser Artikel: das der Herr Orban ab den 15.09 die Army an der Grenze stationieren wird, und jeder der ohne Erlaubnis die Grenze nach Ungarn betritt, droht einer Haftstrafe von 3 Jahre, wer bewaffnet ist oder wer versucht den Zaun zu beschädigen droht einer Haftstrafe von 5 Jahre

Schon jetzt werden Asylsuchende, wie Gefangene gehalten.asyl prisoned

Als Deutscher, Europäer, und wichtiger ist als ein MENSCH; fordere ich die Bundes Regierung Frau Merkel und das Deutsche Volk, das EU Parlament und Politiker und all Europäer, und die verschiedene Organisationen, so ein Vorhaben eins Diktatorrischer von Herr Orban in Europa zu Stoppen.

Es ist nicht möglich dass dieser neuer EU mitglied nur aus dem Geld Topf einkassiert, seit Hungarn eintritt 2004, und Heute meint er, eigenmächtig mit seiner rassistischer Menschen unwürdige Politik, Europa in verderben zuführen

Orban wird mit sein Vorhaben nichts erreichen aus mehr Schaden, außer Hass und Elend und mehr für Griechenland als für den Flüchtlinge

90% der Flüchtlinge sind zur Flucht gezwungen, Sie würden lieber in Ihr Land bleiben, und um solche Flüchtlings Wellen zu stoppen, müssen wir in Europa folgendes tun

  • Beenden der Unterstützung von Regierungsgegner Gruppen in andere Länder
  • Raub und Ausbeutung Reiche Länder durch Partner Diktatoren zu unterbinden

  • Keine Waffen Verkauf an Gruppen

  • Kein Kriegs Angriffe unter den Name Terror bekämpfung oder Gerechtigkeit

  • Nicht weiter die gehasste USA ungerechte Politik zu folgen

  • Einführung von Spaltung und Hass Politik in fremden Länder zu Stoppen

  • 11953204_1706133362940473_901518115627006276_n

    Translated from the Arabic

    Peace be upon you, and on us peace, peace to you, and peace to us,

    Peace be upon you, and on us Peace, peace for you, and peace for us, peace on who response the peace, and peace even to those who do not respond peace, peace name of the Lord, the Lord of mankind God the Eternal, peace in which we grew up, Peace paste with the land of this country,

    Peace in which we no longer live, peace which no longer is in us, we observe the peace, as he is packing, slowly slowly abandon our territories, and replaced by the surrender to Islamization in which is no Islam,,, as if the Islam of our ancestors does not interest him, you know why peace moving away of us, you know why there is darkness in us? Simply because we are a fearful society, we are a society that is afraid of the difference.

    My words will not be liked by some of you or all of you, I know, but I’ll say it because I do not accept it to be one of the sheeps.

    We are a Society that refuse to confess, that its a society lives backwardness, we are a society which Shout in rudeness, Claims to be the holder of a different thought. We are a society that loves to be superior, from emptiness. And claims to be a cultured society, oh, what a crap, acceptance of differences for us, is nothing more than a cover.

    Skin color difference harms us, appearance difference harms us, thought difference harms us, religious difference harms us, even race difference harms us, so we try to kill each difference in us, we turned to a Toxic poison against each other,

    We are a society stupider than the stupidity, yes, we are a society stupider than the stupidity, argue about irrelevancies and nonsense and myths, And always we reject grt in the depth, and I release nobody, neither civilians nor politicians, and not who submits to silence, and not who pretends holiness in us, and not who is blindly following the West, and not who is wishing to restore the caliphate and of slavery.

    Lets us today, try to get in ourselves, deep in us, let us try to embrace our souls, lets try to embrace our differences in the souls.

    Here Iam in front of you with, my Skin color, my hair, my poetry, my thoughts, I’m not afraid of you, I’m not afraid that Your different then I, for I am one of you, and you are of me, let’s create art, let’s us get in the dream, let us anchor culture without absurdity, in the sophistication in us, is the most honorable successor, let’s fuse, unite

    the standards,

    the races,

    the sects,

    the ideas,

    the colors,

    and the religions

    and dont see except the HUMAN

    The rights scene and attacks on refugees !!!!!!

    There currently is more and more to hear of attacks on refugees (not only), or even arson attacks on asylum homes, but anyone who thinks that this is a new phenomenon in Germany, completely wrong.

    3 days and nights there are attacks in Heidenau, police are on site, but there are injured, many politicians have spoken about how Prime Minister Stanislaw Tillich (CDU) announced consequences: „They assume that here every effort is made to maintain law and order or continue to make. “

    polizei heidenau

    Anyone who thinks that this hate in Germany is new, this hatred of foreigners has long been available in Germany, even before the German Unity (personally experienced).

    Despite several attacks, we have no condemnation of the Chancellor as head of State belongs, Why? what is concealed us in Germany from politics.

    Are the extreme right in Germany a sort of secret sleeper politics such as Isis in the Arab world.?

    Are they a reason to enforce certain laws?

    Even in Greece, which thrives on tourism with a foreigner-friendly nation, a country, and even there are Nazi bildden grouping.

    Are these rights or Neo Nazis, the new Army of the 3rd Reich in Europe? secretly demanded and led by Germany?

    or, did only the plan get out of control because the number of refugees in Europe?

    Why do so many refugees come to Europe?

    This question is aimed at first place to all refugee opponents and to all Europeans, who can not understand (better dont want to understand) the reason for the such huge refugee waves.

    There are several reasons why these people flee their country, and the responsibility for this is mainly in Europe, the end of the 19- beginning of 20 century when the US did not play a role in world politics, the world power was Britain and France, and with the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, the plan to split this empire was made, and continue to occupy the countries, in their planning they underestimated the national feeling of the people.

    It quickly became clear that the Arab peoples are not to conquer, it must be an enemy introduced in the midst of which was the solution, such as: 1928 founding the Muslim Brotherhood, 1948 after large waves of resettlement founded State of Israel, and on several new state were founded as Kuwait or Jordan.

    The best cleavage weapon was the religion, Muslim against Jew, Christian against Muslim, Shia against Sunni, and Arab Spring.

    MB, Al-Qaeda and many small factions, now we have the Isis which is unrelated to Islam, and puts the world in fear and terror.

    USA & Co. Who appear as the rescuers of the world, are nothing but the head of terror, military operations in Afgahnistan with the result, no justice and armed Terror groups like Al-Qaida (US helping Bin Laden), Iraq, war lies resulting Chaos human rights violation, and origination Isis. Lybia attack splitting of the nation and as unrest in Syria strengthen Isis. In Egypt the West could not achieve any success by their country division policy, USA & Co. Supported the MB to power, till the MB was abolished by the egyptian people, and by the military in power Egypt is protected against Isis at the border, and is the last Arab bastion against the West policy.

    At the present time are in neighboring countries about 5 million refugees from Syrian, fleeing Christians as Muslim, they flee from terror groups like the Isis, as it is not opposed by the West Army, as we get in informed in the european media.

    Turkey, USA, and Israel air raids on Syria

    supposedly Turkey and Israel wants to protect itself, the US and its partners probably wants to fight the Isis. Could This Be True, Does anyone still believe this.

    Bashar Al Assad, president of Syria since 2000 (inherited from the father), but more real leader of the country is the Baath Party, there was never a democracy or justice, as in all Arab countries, there were plenty of human rights violation, despite everything, it was like in the Middle East common, people could live safely as satisfied if only they do not deal with politics or criticize

    before we drop an opinion on the situation in Syria, a few facts should be made clear:

    ** The Syria is since longer a target of the empire of Israel, and the Baath was always the obstacle

    ** Syria is the last left in the region as Russian ally

    ** The State power is in hands of the Shiites, as opposed to all the Sunnite neighbors.

    ** Syria consists of many grouping (tribes religion).

    ** Main reason of the escape Syrian citizens is the brutality of Isis

    Now my question is, who is these Western attacking as a target? is it really the Isis as it is propagandized, or as I suspect, that they bombard the governmental Army and Assad supporter.

    Is Isis not killing in Iraq too? Yes, where the US Army and many European soldiers have weapons with Hitec, why was the Isis not fought there, if a country like Egypt of Isis since longer on three fronts fighting (Libya border, Sinai, terrorist attack internally), and keeping them out.

    Sykes-Picot Agreement of 1916 is basically a dismemberment of the Arab power and this has begun for some time ago, it is easily to understand if we know details of some countries in the region.

    Lebanon received in 1926 as a republic a certain independence.flage

    Kuwait in 1940 Saudi Arabia recognized Kuwait as an independent state

    Jordan On May 25, 1946 expired the British mandate and Transjordan gained independence

    Sudan on 1 January 1956 was proclaimed after a referendum the Republic of Sudan

    Alone with these facts it is clear that the Arab Spring is a further step, to divide the Arab world, and keep them at war. The refugee wave is nothing but shift tactics with the purpose of controlling and weaken Arabic countries.

    So what do you think who is guilty?

    Europe EU refugee-discrimination policy

    as a German in the 21st century, I am a European, an affiliation for which I am ashamed. The EU policy is leading us in the endless dark tunnel, dominated by a policy of ignorance, racism and incitement.

    A new turn begins in the issue of refugees in Europe, where we make racism as prescription of help to people.

    Migrants crisis: Slovakia ‚will only accept Christians‘ source:


    150 Syrian Christian refugees arrive in Poland source:

    The sad thing is that such a condition, mostly come from new EU countries, which are themselves dependent until today on the EU’s Aid, that’s why I ask my question, to the great powers of the EU.

    Which politician has to take responsibility for the consequences of such racism?

    Is not this the beginning of a fight against a religion as the time of Hitler?

    Are we not responsible for the situation of refugees, regardless of race or religion?

    Is such a thing be compatible with Christianity?

    to these questions, I would like to hear an answer from a politician !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A visible kind of intolerance and division policy, coming again from the West, in which every racist and Nazi here in Europe is confirmed, it is also one more reason for many supporters radical terrorist groups (Europeans) to prosper.

    It is the duty Leading politicians in the EU, to put an end for such such regulation , and certain countries (particularly new EU members) do not allow to invent loopholes only as it were to fulfill your obligation.