As a Muslim, I feel shame as a European Iam concerned, and as a German, I am proud

Veröffentlicht: 2015-09-06 in English
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As a Muslim, I feel shame as a European Iam concerned, and as a German, I am proud

In our modern advanced world, just world, is the human being and dignity of the human being without value. Disasters rushing on the Social west, amounts of refugeesthat protection against war and misery looking, mind war where often the West (USA & Co.) has started.

But the modern Western world is for human rights and a Christian society, Alleluia as the greatest power on earth, that United States has agreed to take 10,000 Syrians refugees, the question remains which is per city or per State ??? oh, it is for the entire United States.

But no shame „World Police USA“, their funders protected dictatorships, take not a single asylum seekers, Saudi Arabia and that rest of the Gulf States are helping to none as very rich, They are just horny Assad to drop it to Iran and the Shiites to weaknesses

I am ashamed as a Muslim for such so-called rich Islamic states, such as Qatar the dwarfs state, with their Al-Jazeera lying TV that launched spliting in the Arab nations. But thank God that there are small Arab Islamic countries, They are poor but have taken more than four million Syrians.1625487_1616857591916297_752518772863966522_n

I thank God that there is a Christian pope, who called on all Catholic communities in Europe to take an affected family. As a „concrete gestures“ to prepare for the coming Holy Year should „every parish, every religious community, every monastery“ in Europe accommodate a family, said the head of the Catholic Church

The help call was not limited to the Christians, who as planned by that new East European countries (Poland, Slovakia)

Estonia has granted asylum whole 10 people. Hungary imprisons the refugees, and explain it to a German problem. According to the Sunday Times the UK is going to accept 15,000 Syrian refugees, it is little but a beginning.

Greece and Italy are overburdened by the amount of refugee that land on their beaches. All European countries have together not even taken one third of the refugees such as Germany and Sweden, and they are against a Distribution of refugees to the EU. I worry as European where these national selfishness will lead us, certain is, the breach of trust is caused.

I feel proud to be a German, as Chancellor Merkel has set in her decision humanity as the goal, and has thus proved a strength, She has added-esteem a new among the German people, and called for the helpfulness


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