Sallam Peace

Veröffentlicht: 2015-08-28 in English, عربي
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Translated from the Arabic

Peace be upon you, and on us peace, peace to you, and peace to us,

Peace be upon you, and on us Peace, peace for you, and peace for us, peace on who response the peace, and peace even to those who do not respond peace, peace name of the Lord, the Lord of mankind God the Eternal, peace in which we grew up, Peace paste with the land of this country,

Peace in which we no longer live, peace which no longer is in us, we observe the peace, as he is packing, slowly slowly abandon our territories, and replaced by the surrender to Islamization in which is no Islam,,, as if the Islam of our ancestors does not interest him, you know why peace moving away of us, you know why there is darkness in us? Simply because we are a fearful society, we are a society that is afraid of the difference.

My words will not be liked by some of you or all of you, I know, but I’ll say it because I do not accept it to be one of the sheeps.

We are a Society that refuse to confess, that its a society lives backwardness, we are a society which Shout in rudeness, Claims to be the holder of a different thought. We are a society that loves to be superior, from emptiness. And claims to be a cultured society, oh, what a crap, acceptance of differences for us, is nothing more than a cover.

Skin color difference harms us, appearance difference harms us, thought difference harms us, religious difference harms us, even race difference harms us, so we try to kill each difference in us, we turned to a Toxic poison against each other,

We are a society stupider than the stupidity, yes, we are a society stupider than the stupidity, argue about irrelevancies and nonsense and myths, And always we reject grt in the depth, and I release nobody, neither civilians nor politicians, and not who submits to silence, and not who pretends holiness in us, and not who is blindly following the West, and not who is wishing to restore the caliphate and of slavery.

Lets us today, try to get in ourselves, deep in us, let us try to embrace our souls, lets try to embrace our differences in the souls.

Here Iam in front of you with, my Skin color, my hair, my poetry, my thoughts, I’m not afraid of you, I’m not afraid that Your different then I, for I am one of you, and you are of me, let’s create art, let’s us get in the dream, let us anchor culture without absurdity, in the sophistication in us, is the most honorable successor, let’s fuse, unite

the standards,

the races,

the sects,

the ideas,

the colors,

and the religions

and dont see except the HUMAN


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