The rights scene and attacks on refugees !!!!!!

Veröffentlicht: 2015-08-24 in English
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The rights scene and attacks on refugees !!!!!!

There currently is more and more to hear of attacks on refugees (not only), or even arson attacks on asylum homes, but anyone who thinks that this is a new phenomenon in Germany, completely wrong.

3 days and nights there are attacks in Heidenau, police are on site, but there are injured, many politicians have spoken about how Prime Minister Stanislaw Tillich (CDU) announced consequences: „They assume that here every effort is made to maintain law and order or continue to make. “

polizei heidenau

Anyone who thinks that this hate in Germany is new, this hatred of foreigners has long been available in Germany, even before the German Unity (personally experienced).

Despite several attacks, we have no condemnation of the Chancellor as head of State belongs, Why? what is concealed us in Germany from politics.

Are the extreme right in Germany a sort of secret sleeper politics such as Isis in the Arab world.?

Are they a reason to enforce certain laws?

Even in Greece, which thrives on tourism with a foreigner-friendly nation, a country, and even there are Nazi bildden grouping.

Are these rights or Neo Nazis, the new Army of the 3rd Reich in Europe? secretly demanded and led by Germany?

or, did only the plan get out of control because the number of refugees in Europe?


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