Why do so many refugees come to Europe?

Veröffentlicht: 2015-08-23 in English
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Why do so many refugees come to Europe?

This question is aimed at first place to all refugee opponents and to all Europeans, who can not understand (better dont want to understand) the reason for the such huge refugee waves.

There are several reasons why these people flee their country, and the responsibility for this is mainly in Europe, the end of the 19- beginning of 20 century when the US did not play a role in world politics, the world power was Britain and France, and with the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, the plan to split this empire was made, and continue to occupy the countries, in their planning they underestimated the national feeling of the people.

It quickly became clear that the Arab peoples are not to conquer, it must be an enemy introduced in the midst of which was the solution, such as: 1928 founding the Muslim Brotherhood, 1948 after large waves of resettlement founded State of Israel, and on several new state were founded as Kuwait or Jordan.

The best cleavage weapon was the religion, Muslim against Jew, Christian against Muslim, Shia against Sunni, and Arab Spring.

MB, Al-Qaeda and many small factions, now we have the Isis which is unrelated to Islam, and puts the world in fear and terror.

USA & Co. Who appear as the rescuers of the world, are nothing but the head of terror, military operations in Afgahnistan with the result, no justice and armed Terror groups like Al-Qaida (US helping Bin Laden), Iraq, war lies resulting Chaos human rights violation, and origination Isis. Lybia attack splitting of the nation and as unrest in Syria strengthen Isis. In Egypt the West could not achieve any success by their country division policy, USA & Co. Supported the MB to power, till the MB was abolished by the egyptian people, and by the military in power Egypt is protected against Isis at the border, and is the last Arab bastion against the West policy.

At the present time are in neighboring countries about 5 million refugees from Syrian, fleeing Christians as Muslim, they flee from terror groups like the Isis, as it is not opposed by the West Army, as we get in informed in the european media.

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