Turkey, USA, and Israel air raids on Syria

Veröffentlicht: 2015-08-22 in English
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Turkey, USA, and Israel air raids on Syria

supposedly Turkey and Israel wants to protect itself, the US and its partners probably wants to fight the Isis. Could This Be True, Does anyone still believe this.

Bashar Al Assad, president of Syria since 2000 (inherited from the father), but more real leader of the country is the Baath Party, there was never a democracy or justice, as in all Arab countries, there were plenty of human rights violation, despite everything, it was like in the Middle East common, people could live safely as satisfied if only they do not deal with politics or criticize

before we drop an opinion on the situation in Syria, a few facts should be made clear:

** The Syria is since longer a target of the empire of Israel, and the Baath was always the obstacle

** Syria is the last left in the region as Russian ally

** The State power is in hands of the Shiites, as opposed to all the Sunnite neighbors.

** Syria consists of many grouping (tribes religion).

** Main reason of the escape Syrian citizens is the brutality of Isis

Now my question is, who is these Western attacking as a target? is it really the Isis as it is propagandized, or as I suspect, that they bombard the governmental Army and Assad supporter.

Is Isis not killing in Iraq too? Yes, where the US Army and many European soldiers have weapons with Hitec, why was the Isis not fought there, if a country like Egypt of Isis since longer on three fronts fighting (Libya border, Sinai, terrorist attack internally), and keeping them out.

Sykes-Picot Agreement of 1916 is basically a dismemberment of the Arab power and this has begun for some time ago, it is easily to understand if we know details of some countries in the region.

Lebanon received in 1926 as a republic a certain independence.flage

Kuwait in 1940 Saudi Arabia recognized Kuwait as an independent state

Jordan On May 25, 1946 expired the British mandate and Transjordan gained independence

Sudan on 1 January 1956 was proclaimed after a referendum the Republic of Sudan

Alone with these facts it is clear that the Arab Spring is a further step, to divide the Arab world, and keep them at war. The refugee wave is nothing but shift tactics with the purpose of controlling and weaken Arabic countries.

So what do you think who is guilty?


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