Europe EU refugee-discrimination policy

Veröffentlicht: 2015-08-20 in English
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Europe EU refugee-discrimination policy

as a German in the 21st century, I am a European, an affiliation for which I am ashamed. The EU policy is leading us in the endless dark tunnel, dominated by a policy of ignorance, racism and incitement.

A new turn begins in the issue of refugees in Europe, where we make racism as prescription of help to people.

Migrants crisis: Slovakia ‚will only accept Christians‘ source:


150 Syrian Christian refugees arrive in Poland source:

The sad thing is that such a condition, mostly come from new EU countries, which are themselves dependent until today on the EU’s Aid, that’s why I ask my question, to the great powers of the EU.

Which politician has to take responsibility for the consequences of such racism?

Is not this the beginning of a fight against a religion as the time of Hitler?

Are we not responsible for the situation of refugees, regardless of race or religion?

Is such a thing be compatible with Christianity?

to these questions, I would like to hear an answer from a politician !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A visible kind of intolerance and division policy, coming again from the West, in which every racist and Nazi here in Europe is confirmed, it is also one more reason for many supporters radical terrorist groups (Europeans) to prosper.

It is the duty Leading politicians in the EU, to put an end for such such regulation , and certain countries (particularly new EU members) do not allow to invent loopholes only as it were to fulfill your obligation.



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