Europe EU refugee-discrimination policy

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Europe EU refugee-discrimination policy

as a German in the 21st century, I am a European, an affiliation for which I am ashamed. The EU policy is leading us in the endless dark tunnel, dominated by a policy of ignorance, racism and incitement.

A new turn begins in the issue of refugees in Europe, where we make racism as prescription of help to people.

Migrants crisis: Slovakia ‚will only accept Christians‘ source:


150 Syrian Christian refugees arrive in Poland source:

The sad thing is that such a condition, mostly come from new EU countries, which are themselves dependent until today on the EU’s Aid, that’s why I ask my question, to the great powers of the EU.

Which politician has to take responsibility for the consequences of such racism?

Is not this the beginning of a fight against a religion as the time of Hitler?

Are we not responsible…

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