the righteous dictator Sissi

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To the beginning Please read this blog until the end, and in response, discussions simply the opinion without saying obscene insults. I am setting up this blog to all people of the world opponents as supporters, also rulers and political „Democratic“ guides out with the hope to find truths, and no longer be the slaves our policy.

I am a German Egyptians since longer I live in Germany, an active supporter of the Egyptian Revolution of 2011, I’ve always been an opponent of military rule (not an opponent of the Egyptian Military Institution) am not for Religious rule, it fills me with great sadness. the situation in Egypt, after the Fall of the so to say  first Democratic Presidänt Mursi, whether he has been really elected, I doubt that. sure is he was as Mubarak deselected.  from Many „Democratic“ politicians in the West, Al Sissi is presented as a dictator and coup leader, just because he is not their blind follower, like the Muslim Brotherhood. were from does the West has the right to judge over EGYPT, Egypt is not Afghanistan, Iraq, or Syria … and Egypt will not be forced, such as Greece.

If the Muslim Brotherhood and the rest of the world still hold on to Mursi, it is not out of reasons as humanity or justice but from interest reasons of enemies of the Egyptian people. a few facts

  • in the same week after Mubarak’s abdicate, the Muslim Brotherhood, made an agreement with the United States recognition of Israel as they should get in power.
  • Suez Canal project should be in favor of Qatar with their funding and not for the Egyptians
  • Social justice in Egypt was worse than Mubarak’s time.
  • Positions were divided only among its own followers
  • More splitting of the people and greater poverty and hunger need

Despite these few examples of many, let us accept that Sissi is a putschist , and was not elected with over 24 million votes, what are his deeds after one year at the power, and why the egyptian are not demonstrating against him:

  • He is waging war in Sinai against terrorists.
  • Construction and expansion of the Suez Canal by Egyptian money,  and in a record time of 1 year. Collected 8 billion in the shortest period of Egyptians, which European politician could reach this, would the people trust him if he is an unpopular coup leader.bau suezkanal In a record time of 1 year, the project he has been completed where it estimates was 3 years and more.
  • No power cut, not even in the month of Ramadan
  • Construction and expansion of the road network and bridges 3200 KM
  • In Education New schools security in the universities
  • Half of his fortune he has donated
  • Upper limit for wages introduced inconceivable in Germany.

So this is the reason why the greatest part of the Egyptians love him, and the West hate him because it leads the Arab world to a power, and that’s why is the Western negative propaganda.

For my part I say thank you to the righteous dictator Sissi


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