Refugees and their suffering journey

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Refugees and their suffering journey

Germany alone recorded about 79,000 refugees in the month of July, and it is expected that the total number of refugees in 2015 will reach about 450,000. I suspect that more than 700,000 refugees in 2015 will be in Germany alone.

A European politician Mr Cameron wants to send more money for more fences, more resources, more sniffer dogs squadrons. „I say long live the European democracy and Menchlischkeit“ but that’s the united righteous euro zone. I wonder why Mr. Cameron does not use an electric fence,Calais Jungel

it would make quick end for the Regugees? Is he too cowardly to? Or is the problem that our politicians are unable to make the killings in Europe, they only do it in other countries, as they do it in other countries daily in the world, where most of these refugees come from.

A further injustice is the Dublin procedure. Which is the reason that weak economic Countries as Greece get into poverty significantly, and no help for the refugees, compared to England and France and the rest of Europe, Germany and Sweden is an exception, in the aid of those in need (refugees). Another example, one country in Europe accepted 150 refugees from Syria. But they are only Christians, Muslims may not be. Super just and humane from a country in Europe which still enjoy of many support. according to statements by Ewa Kopacz Minister President „Christian, who are persecuted (in Syria) barbarously, deserve that a Christian country like Poland helps them“

All the Europeans must know that the greater part of these refugees have an unimaginable suffering way behind them, on their way to escape,They are repeatedly confronted with death, whether it was in their own homeland, or through the blackmail traffickers, continue crossing the risky sea , up to such a welcome as in Calais.

Keep up Europe, we are becoming on the bestway to be a dictatorial beast, Europe’s politicians forgot that they are the reason for this refugees, They have caused the chaos and injustice in various countries of the world



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